How to Travel More When You’re Retired


Everyone wants to travel and see as much of this wonderful world as possible. However, when you’re young and have the necessary energy, you won’t make enough to afford luxury trips. And, when you finally earn enough to travel, you’ll probably feel old and tired for new adventures on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, traveling after you’re retired does have its perks, especially since you won’t have to deal with deadlines and angry bosses anymore. You are free to make your own schedule and spend as much time as you want in one location. And, assuming you’re not a millionaire, these smart tips will help you travel more and stay safe at the same time.

Use any discounts you can get

The great thing about being retired is that you can benefit from all discounts and special promotions on tickets, cruises, and trips abroad. There are various elder programs that allow you to travel to exclusive destinations with important discounts of up to 50%.

AARP is one of the biggest organizations that can help you book cheap rental cars, flights, hotels, and even cruises for an annual membership fee.

Other companies like Best Western, Amtrak, and One Travel provide discounts up to 15% for seniors and people over the age of 55, so they are worth the try.


Offer to house sit

Have you always dreamt of spending an entire summer in a villa right on the beach but you never had the means to purchase one? The house sitting market can help you enjoy two-three months of paradise for free. However, the business is quite competitive and open for everyone, so you need to build a strong profile and be trustworthy.

People are mainly looking for responsible adults to care for their properties while they’re out of town or the country, so make sure to check online ads or websites like TrustedHousesitters. All you have to do is pay an annual membership fee and be willing to look after a house and its pets as if they were your own.

Avoid the high-peak season

One of the greatest advantages of being retired is that you can travel year-round, without worrying about cramming all your days off in August or right before the winter holidays. So why not benefit from the warm weather in March, April, and September to book a trip?

Going outside the season usually means your dream destinations will be less crowded and you will get to experience more. In addition, prices are up to 70% lower than during the season, meaning you can afford to stay in luxury resorts and still save enough for a holiday shopping spree.

Check out for online offers and join various groups on Facebook or Instagram that constantly post last-minute flights at discount prices.

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