How to buy the perfect backpack for guys



If you’re a guy you probably don’t consider storage an important part of your daily existence. After all, girls are the ones that usually have to carry around thousands of useless items in their bags, while boys only limit to their wallet, phone, and keys. But, if you happen to travel a lot or at least spend most of your time on the road like I do, you will soon realize the importance of a great backpack to carry around with you everywhere you go.

So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a day in the woods or a simple sleepover at your friend’s house, it is important to have the perfect backpack. Lucky for you, I have looked for some cool backpacks for men and I’m ready to share some of my wisdom on how to find the right backpack for you.


Unlike women, men are less keen on spending money on the same object more than once. So, if you thought about investing in a backpack, it’d better be good and long-lasting. This leads us to one of the most important aspects men look for in a backpack, meaning durability. This roughly translates into qualitative fabrics, strong stitches, and reinforced handles and shoulder straps.



When it comes to fabrics, it really depends on how much you’re willing to invest in a good backpack. We suggest looking for ones that are made from durable fabrics like reinforced cotton, cotton with Teflon coating, and leather. Cotton is a great choice for an everyday backpack because it’s extremely lightweight and flexible, meaning you can stuff in it all of your essentials and a little extra.

Reinforced cotton or cotton with Teflon coating is usually the fabrics used to make tents so their great advantages are strength and a waterproof design. If you plan on going hiking, biking or practicing outdoor activities, a waterproof backpack is everything you need. Plus, these backpacks remain lightweight and flexible.

Leather backpacks are a little bit more pretentious and luxurious. They don’t come cheap either, but they will certainly make a statement. We suggest opting for these if you like investing money in your image or you’re looking for a really durable backpack that will last you for years. The leather is mainly waterproof if treated accordingly and is thick yet flexible. Plus, it ages naturally and its color changes gradually, so it’ll be like wearing a different backpack every year.

They can store all your essentials and will easily become your best friend at music festivals or any outdoor activity, regardless of the season. Just make sure to look after it carefully, meaning using particular cleaning substances and everything that could damage the leather.



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