My favorite comic books


Although comic books have been around for quite some time, they have met different times and different stages of popularity. Back when they first appeared, around the 1900s, they were simplistically drawn and didn’t contain too much information or too many characters.

As they started to increase in popularity, comic books attracted more and more youngsters and children of all ages. However, soon their popularity started to decrease and they were mainly seen as a shameful teenage secret kept under the bed, away from your family and your love interests.

Nevertheless, comic books have been experiencing a revival in the past few years, especially since they are now considered “vintage” and most of them have already been turned into successful Hollywood movies and sagas. So, if you’re looking for a nostalgic ride to the past century, here is a list of my favorite comic books that ever existed.


The Flintstones from DC Comics

You cannot go wrong with a classic and, in this case, classic is almost as old as the original Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Although there are only 12 full issues of this comic book, you’ll love to see the DC twist of the original cartoon. More serious topics such as race, monogamy, and commercialism are discussed in this DC spin-off with the classic touch of Fred and Barney’s goofy characters.


The Punisher MAX

Coming from the most popular and advertised cartoon company, Marvel, the Punisher MAX received a little bit of an upgrade from its original version. The Punisher is probably the only hero in the Marvel multiverse who doesn’t have superpowers, yet he is still able to fight the bad guys.

The original version of the Punisher featuring a latex costume and a creepy mask was soon upgraded to meet the standards of the new world we are currently living in and to appeal to kids and teenagers, but also to adults. Thus, the improved version of the Punisher now comes with an amazing arsenal of weaponry, while the antagonists were replaced with more realistic sex traffickers and drug dealers.


Daredevil: Born Again

The Daredevil also plays an important part in the Marvel multiverse, but when he first appeared in the Marvel comics he didn’t trigger too much interest from the audience. In fact, at one point he was considered one of the most unpopular cartoon heroes in the history of Marvel and the company was almost convinced to write him off for good.

The rewrite only appeared in 1986 under the magic wand of Frank Miller and Matt Murdock, after which the Daredevil suddenly became one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes. The Born Again saga is stacked with explosions and cool battles in a successful attempt of the superhero to claim back his city.

What is the best comic book you have ever read?


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